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Czech Bitch Threesome Mother and Daughter Gets Fucked

Everyone likes sexy Czech girls but what about a Czech mother and daughter who love nothing more than to be fucked in front of each other? Now that is sexy and well worth paying a bunch of cash for. These two chicks spend all day waiting around in car parks for strangers like Sheriff Mirek to pull up and offer them cash for an easy fuck on camera! They more or less jump straight in his motor as soon as he pulls up and within a few minutes all three of them are naked having the time of their lives – Mirek is so lucky the chicks aren’t even bothered if he wraps up or not!

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Czech Bitch Horny Blonde Gets Shown Rough Time With Mirek

Sheriff Mirek has been on the hunt for fresh meat yet again and this time he can’t believe how lucky he is when he manages to pick up Mira – a sexy blonde Czech bitch. This teen beauty only thinks about money and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her claws on it, on this occasion it means taking it in the ass and she does that without any hesitation whatsoever. Mirek pulls up expecting to have a hard time trying to get this whore in his car but he barely say’s a few words before she jumps straight in his car and strips off her kit!

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Czech Bitch Brunette Fucks Mirek For A Bit

Mirek is up to his usual tricks again slowly driving his car around quiet car parks hoping to find some sweet little snatch he can take advantage of – and he’s only out driving for a matter of minutes before he spots this brunette whore. Mirek slides down his window and kindly offers a lift but she tells him to cut the shit because she knows exactly the game he is trying to play – because she wants to play it as well.

She gets the cash off Mirek upfront because she obviously doesn’t trust him so he uses this as an excuse to teach her a lesson and rams his cock down her throat until she has tears streaming down her face. Not such a pretty Czech bitch now is she?

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Czech Bitch Porn Beautiful blonde Gets Her Tight Ass Penetrated

Blonde teen Kitty is in a bit of a dilemma, her car has broken down and it’s pissing down with rain – what is a beautiful girl like this to do? Luckily for her Mirek is lurching around the corner looking for pussy as standard and he gives her a very reasonable offer, she can either walk home or she can get a lift home whilst sucking his dick and obviously she chose the latter because she’s just another Czech whore!

Mirek isn’t one for taking the piss out of people; he was still kind enough to give her some money for letting him demolish her ass!

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Czech Bitch Tanned Whore Gets Her Toes Licked By Mirek

Everyone thinks that Czech chicks are selfish and they only want to get fucked without having to dish out any pleasure for anyone else, but those people are wrong and this delightful teen Sandy proves it. Mirek gives her the money before she gets undressed as normal, but he gets a lot more for his money than he bargained for!

She quickly goes down South and starts to suck his throbbing cock and it’s not long before she’s letting Mirek lick her sexy feet. After a bit more foreplay she gets Mirek on the back seats and she starts to lick his asshole like a pro, now that’s getting taken advantage of right Mirek?

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Czech Bitch Redhead Whore Gets Fucked Hard By Mirek

Mirek is a lucky man! He spots this hot redhead chick in sunglasses strolling around the car park in her leathers obviously looking for the right man to give her a good fucking seeing to – and that man is Mirek.

He hands over the cash to her and whispers in her ear what he wants her to do and she’s completely up for it which is good news for Mirek. He told her to strip in the back and suck his big dick but she’s got other plans – after sucking his cock she pushes Mirek on his back and spreads his legs out wide and starts licking his asshole which he absolutely loves!

Mirek gets turned on fully by this hot redhead so now he gives her his full attention and spreads her legs out wide and penetrates her as hard as ever! Good old Mirek!

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